Wednesday, May 13, 2009

i am nature

you know on facebook you can do those crazy, wierd, funny, silly tests.. well i did the one where you could find out which element you are.. and nature came out of it and it had and it sayed a little something as well "Your element is Nature. Friendly and calm, you welcome company and like to comfort others. You can be worrisome, but you can take care of yourself."
i felt that was pretty accurate.. i started doing lots of different quizes and tests, it was actually kinda fun! i also did the one where you can find out which friends character you are, i was phoebe hahaha! i thought that was pretty funny and pretty cool too!
anywho.. i really like these pics,, and well it kinda had the whole nature feel to it so thats why i shared my element/facebook story.. i thought it was fitting! byeee

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