Wednesday, January 27, 2010

upside down inside out

im back in the lowlandss!! its so wierd being back home! i really miss england and all the amazing people i got to know! i didnt expect that i would be hard to get back into the rythem of things.. but ill get there! i wanna go get my THREE disposable cameras developed tomorrow! hope theyre any good .. if they are i will definitely post them! tomorrow is a busy day.. gonna have drinks with some friends and spending some hours wandering around ikea finding some cool stuff, trying to give my room a new look.. o and i need more room for my clothes haha.. so trying to create that too! i also have a going away party of a friend of mine whos leaving for australia for 5 months! im soo jelaous, sad, and happy! me and a friend have a real funny gift bet she'll have a good laugh about it!
anywho! found these pics on flickr by jostein w! im in love with these! the awesome thing is that these pics are made with a films that were all expired! who woul have guessed expired films could make something so beautiful!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

enchanting forests

ieeeee im sooooo tired! ive been out every single night this weeeeek! aaah! well worthit though cause every night was pretty damn awesome! cant believe i only have a week left in england!!! im gonna be soooooo sad to leave! need to get more clothes before i leave too.. always good to have stuff you cant get back home right!!!?
id also like to thank all my lovely followers who would have ever thought id have over 100 of them! gosh.. feels soo great thanks to all of you guys.. your amazing!
found some pics that i just had to share.. fell in love with them straight away! such amazing lighting.. still wish i could make such beauty!.. enjoyyy!

Monday, January 11, 2010

well well well its 2010! hope u guys had a good new years! i was in egypt for mine on a lovely hot beach!!! AMAZING! got a pretty nice tan too which im very happy with now im back in the freezing cold! to be exact im back in england now.. only for 2 weeks though! really wish i could stay longer but hee im gonna make these the best 2 weeks ever! ive ordered a blackberry and hope to get it really sooon! oe oe oe and i got the new vampire weekend album today!!! i adore the cover of it the songs ofcourse are great too.. its to bad theres not a party song on it that compares to a-punk but i still really like the album! im hopefully going to a wolfmother concert next week in birmingham if all goes well! tonight is party night! ive missed the english nightlife so much so very ready to get out there!!