Wednesday, October 21, 2009


got these really beautiful pendant today in this tiny jewelry store near to where i live.. its silver with some kind of stone in it.. the stone is a little damaged but i think thats what makes it unique.. i thought it was gonna cost me a fortune but when i asked how much it was the guy said it was only 8 pounds.. i didnt even have to think about it.. <3.. this friday im gonna go to birmingham with some friends.. well start off with some shopping and then party our asses off and stay at some crappy hostel.. sounds like an awesome time to me! anyone know some good places to go to in birmingham?! (or some places not to go to haha).. i am also in desperate need of a fur coat.. havent found one yet but still on the prowl! o and im still not sure on what to wear for halloween.. can you guess inspire me? as what are u going?!
and i picked these lovely shots up at cold after midnight

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