Monday, August 31, 2009

kate topshop autumn winter '09

kate moss for topshop love these pics more than the actual collection.. there are some nice pieces but its not that great. today im soo busy i have to work and also have to arrange a million things cuase im going to england in like 3 weeks for 4 whole months aaaah! and there is just soo much to do.. i am really excited though i cant wait! well i better get back to work.. so little time so much to do!

Friday, August 28, 2009

this time baby i'll beeee...

just a selection of some pics i found, loved and wanted to share with you!
im actually supposed to be working now haha but i had a sudden urge to post a blog!
my throat is killing me.. i think i totally fucked it up when i was at that festival last weekend aaahhh.. and yesterday i went partying and ofcourse i had to sing no wait scream along to all of the songs that came soo im feeling my throat is much worse now haha.. but it was pretty worthit cause it was such a great night!! and i got this totally tacky but awesome shirt from a friend of mine that he got in bali and it says "sun of a beach" on it and theres like a beach drawn on it with all the fluor colors is awesomelly wrong haha!
well id better get back to work! enjoy the shots!

listening la roux - bulletproof

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


sooo heres the sequin top i told you guys about.. im soooo in love with it!
i also got this wolf shirt at the festival i went to this weekend, i went into this little store that looked too wrong it wasnt even cute anymore.. but we were just messing around and there were sooo many horribly ugly things.. but then i suddenly stumbled upon this shirt and i was solddd!! i couldnt get the smile of my face the rest of the day.. and it was only 10 euros!!
gonna check out a new house now.. hope its something.. i really wanna movee..
and then im gonna try to score some sushi cause im really craving somee!!

oo and let me know what you think of the new header!

Monday, August 24, 2009



havent blogged in a couple days, but thats because i was on another planet.. called.. LOWLANDS! spent four days at a totally amazing festival... we went with a group of eighteen amazing people and partied, laught, drank and danced 4 days straight! it was awesome!!! i saw some really great concerts.. i saw vampire weekend, la roux, snoop dogg, the virgins, 2 many dj's, peaches, basement jaxx, boys noize.. and probably more but i cant even remember half.. there were so many other awesome acts i didnt get to see.. still this was the craziest and best weekend in a really long time!!!! im in recovery now.. soo here some pics that remind me of festivals..!

Monday, August 17, 2009

sexy sequin

amsterdam was great.. i was really looking for a bag, but ofcourse when your looking voor something you never find it.. i got a cool legging though with zippers on the sides and a great sequin top from the episode a vintage store! im in love with it.. BADLY haha.. other that i was obsessed with finding a bag so didnt really look at other stuff.. ooo and im planning on buying really cute minnetonka's there black and have two little ingraved buttons on them there soooo cute!! oo and how great are these pictures!! loving all those sparkles!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

random awesomeness

had a crazy crazy crazy friday night.. too much shots were taken haha.. soo i was in recovery the rest of the weekend.. but tommorow is shopping day in... AMSTERDAMM! yeah yeah.. very excited! and thursday im going to an insane 4 day festival! but i'll tell you guys more about it in one of my next posts.. i needed too get alot of rest now soo i can go crazy in amsterdam tommorrow!
oo and just found some random photos i really liked! enjoy!

Thursday, August 13, 2009