Thursday, August 6, 2009

gin and juice

its suddenly sooooo hot! i went to the beach yesterday.. kinda got some sunburn.. not that great! but thats not stopping me from enjoying the sun cause im going again today.. just a bit more covered up! tonight is for sure party night.. i just talked to one of my friends and appreantly tonight is vodka/blue curacau night .. i think that will be alot of drunkness and good "day-after" stories haha
just wanted to thank the people who told me about some cool songs in the last post!! great help you guys! a special thanks to jessica and a decadent thing!
and a special shout out to one of my newest followers.. you should for sure check out his blog.. he's a very talented photographer named nas!
oooo and i have decided i really really really wanna go to scandinavia either norway or sweden.. or maybe both! anyone got some tips/good places to be/big no no's? who's been there or lives there.. tell me more about it!!!!

photographer derek henderson

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