Sunday, August 2, 2009

life is too short to play it safe

yesterday was soooo much fun! for if you didnt remember i went to the gayparade (canal parade) in amsterdam! the weather was really amazing, and there were lots of people, althoug expected more people to be dressed in costume the ones that were in costume knew how to do it good! there was a great atmosphere all around and everybody was just happy and free spirited which was amazing! i dont think ive ever walked as much in my life as i did yesterday.. amsterdam is pretty big and i saw a large part of it.. i even have physical proof of it, cause i have a blister on my foot now haha... we also went to take a peek at the red light district, id never actually been and i was kinda curious.. the thing that strook me as odd was that it was sooo open and everybody was just walking around, not just pervie old men (as that was what i expected).. i even saw whole chinese tour groups walking past all the windows, very cool hahaha!
today is a work day and after that it might be beach party night! my friends are pushing me to come with them tonight.. soo i think im just gonna have to!!! (oo how my life is soooo though hahah)

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