Sunday, November 29, 2009

i have blue nails

tired from an awesome weekend!the neon party was amazing! and friday we went to a wild wild west party which was great too and it meant i could bring my horse head on a stick out with me.. her name is thunder btw! was such a great night from what i can remember of it! tomorrow is a concert of this french band which im gonna be checking out should be good fun! also gonna go ice skating which i am sooooo shit at haha so should be a laugh!
i found these pics yesterday and knew i just had to share! i wish i could make such wonderful photos! they are by a girl named sophie van der perre! she has such talent and i think having well dressed friends to make pictures of isnt all that bad either! im truely inspired!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

keep a secret

was in liverpool this weekend! what an experience! i felt pretty much underdressed everywhere i went! i did have a great time and really like the city and got some good shopping done! got a great navy boyfriend blazer, faded blue jeans and a plain black jumper that turned out to be a very hot off the shoulder dress! all in all it was a great weekend!
tomorrow im going to be going to a "neon rave" sooo glowsticks, neon paint and uv lights everywhere! it should be good.. need to get something neon colored to wear and want some neon face paint too!
still busy taking photos with my disposable camera.. im just a very curious person and really wanna know what the pictures are like but guess im just gonna have to wait and just wonder for now!
oe oe oe and i saw new moon yesterday!!! definitly different than twilight but still great.. im sure everyone is crushing on jacob now.. hello shirtless in every scene.. AWESOME! haha
loveee these pics! i adore the model! her face is soo angelic and the lighting is amazing too!

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Monday, November 16, 2009

sexy bitch

i wish i had the balls to wear shoes like that! still i dont mind just staring at their greatness! and hello awesome jeans, i want you!

if you could would you marry a city? or a country? or just a town? I WOULD! it would be CAMDEN! i was in london for the weekend and totally and utterly fell in love with camden town! it was sooo amazing.. all the little markets with its amazing stalls of gorgeous jewellry and vintage clothes, amazing music, delicious food.. and beautiful looking and dressed people! it was like i was in heaven!i got an amazing turquoise/silver ring and two pendants one is a hippie sign and one is a little silver dreamcather with a tiny blue stone in the middle and a tiny feather hanging of the bottom! i love it all!!! im for sure going back to camden whilest im staying in england!
this thursday one of my friends is coming to coventry to visit me and then we are going to liverpool for the weekend! i cant wait! i really wonder what the city is like.. ill let u know when i get back!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


still kinda tired from last night! went to a surprise party which was a lot of fun! and the birthdayboy was very surprised soo thats what its all about! after that we went clubbing and i met tons of new people but thats the only thing i remember of it.. just meeting them but no names and vaguely faces haha! but they probably have the same sooo it doesnt matter that much!
saturday im off to london for the weekend! yes yes yes! i cant wait!!!! going with a whole group of girls which is gonna be awesome! in our trip we got tickets for the london eye and a boattrip included! which rocks! other than that i think we will be doing alot of shopping, sightseeing, eating and partying.. sounds like total perfection to me!
im also still looking for the perfect winter coat and im very picky seen as its already winter and im still looking cause nothings good enough! so my mission in london is to find the perfect winter coat! anyone know some places i MUST go to?!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

project x

was kinda bored to had fun with the self timer haha not sure what it is but hellll i had fun doing it haha.. watched the boat that rocked yesterday and lovedd it! if you havent seen it you musssttt!!
watching cruel intentions now.. never stop loving that movie and think im not the only one! gonna party hard tonight though! one of my friends turned 19 todayy soo were celebrating by getting SMASHED!(british version of wasted,drunk,fuck faced..) cant waiiiittt!!! and next weekend im off to londonnnnn!!! <3

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

protect and entertain

sooo... halloween.. was... TRUELY AMAZING!
i dont think ive ever laught so much in one night haha laughing again at the thought of it! it was soo great! i was dressed up as a cowboy i even drew a little mustache and i had one of those horse heads on a stick.. you the one kids always have!? i called her thunder and she was majorlly popular! i think thunder had more game than me! haha everyone wanted to hold, pet, hug or kiss her .. i was actually totally harassing people with her but no one seemed to mind haha i also befriended an entire group of bananas which was awesome! all in all my night was really great and i couldnt have wished for a better halloween !!
i added and deleted some people/sites from my bloglist! havent updated it in a while so really thought it was time.. there will be another update soon! its just that i always have certain people that always come by my blog and i really like your blogs tooo and want to share them with the rest!! if your not on it and you would like to exchange links just let me know! or if you know a great blog thats not on the list please do share!!

and i stumbled upon these pics and as always i fell in love with them! i just love the lighting! and that model.. GOSH.. give me your hairrrr!!
found them on dripbook

p.s. the title of this post, for if you didnt know is a song by Busy P and it rocks.. so listen to it!!!!

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