Sunday, November 1, 2009

protect and entertain

sooo... halloween.. was... TRUELY AMAZING!
i dont think ive ever laught so much in one night haha laughing again at the thought of it! it was soo great! i was dressed up as a cowboy i even drew a little mustache and i had one of those horse heads on a stick.. you the one kids always have!? i called her thunder and she was majorlly popular! i think thunder had more game than me! haha everyone wanted to hold, pet, hug or kiss her .. i was actually totally harassing people with her but no one seemed to mind haha i also befriended an entire group of bananas which was awesome! all in all my night was really great and i couldnt have wished for a better halloween !!
i added and deleted some people/sites from my bloglist! havent updated it in a while so really thought it was time.. there will be another update soon! its just that i always have certain people that always come by my blog and i really like your blogs tooo and want to share them with the rest!! if your not on it and you would like to exchange links just let me know! or if you know a great blog thats not on the list please do share!!

and i stumbled upon these pics and as always i fell in love with them! i just love the lighting! and that model.. GOSH.. give me your hairrrr!!
found them on dripbook

p.s. the title of this post, for if you didnt know is a song by Busy P and it rocks.. so listen to it!!!!

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