Wednesday, November 25, 2009

keep a secret

was in liverpool this weekend! what an experience! i felt pretty much underdressed everywhere i went! i did have a great time and really like the city and got some good shopping done! got a great navy boyfriend blazer, faded blue jeans and a plain black jumper that turned out to be a very hot off the shoulder dress! all in all it was a great weekend!
tomorrow im going to be going to a "neon rave" sooo glowsticks, neon paint and uv lights everywhere! it should be good.. need to get something neon colored to wear and want some neon face paint too!
still busy taking photos with my disposable camera.. im just a very curious person and really wanna know what the pictures are like but guess im just gonna have to wait and just wonder for now!
oe oe oe and i saw new moon yesterday!!! definitly different than twilight but still great.. im sure everyone is crushing on jacob now.. hello shirtless in every scene.. AWESOME! haha
loveee these pics! i adore the model! her face is soo angelic and the lighting is amazing too!

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