Tuesday, November 10, 2009


still kinda tired from last night! went to a surprise party which was a lot of fun! and the birthdayboy was very surprised soo thats what its all about! after that we went clubbing and i met tons of new people but thats the only thing i remember of it.. just meeting them but no names and vaguely faces haha! but they probably have the same sooo it doesnt matter that much!
saturday im off to london for the weekend! yes yes yes! i cant wait!!!! going with a whole group of girls which is gonna be awesome! in our trip we got tickets for the london eye and a boattrip included! which rocks! other than that i think we will be doing alot of shopping, sightseeing, eating and partying.. sounds like total perfection to me!
im also still looking for the perfect winter coat and im very picky seen as its already winter and im still looking cause nothings good enough! so my mission in london is to find the perfect winter coat! anyone know some places i MUST go to?!

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