Wednesday, January 27, 2010

upside down inside out

im back in the lowlandss!! its so wierd being back home! i really miss england and all the amazing people i got to know! i didnt expect that i would be hard to get back into the rythem of things.. but ill get there! i wanna go get my THREE disposable cameras developed tomorrow! hope theyre any good .. if they are i will definitely post them! tomorrow is a busy day.. gonna have drinks with some friends and spending some hours wandering around ikea finding some cool stuff, trying to give my room a new look.. o and i need more room for my clothes haha.. so trying to create that too! i also have a going away party of a friend of mine whos leaving for australia for 5 months! im soo jelaous, sad, and happy! me and a friend have a real funny gift bet she'll have a good laugh about it!
anywho! found these pics on flickr by jostein w! im in love with these! the awesome thing is that these pics are made with a films that were all expired! who woul have guessed expired films could make something so beautiful!

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