Tuesday, February 2, 2010

in my place

sooo i know i dont blog enough its just that im soooo busy with everything!
i got a new job.. and its amaaaazing! its in a cute little place that sells freshly baked cheesecakes in all kinds of flavours and we have coffee and tea and stuff.. and we also sell products from america like mountain dew and hawaiian punch etc. its sooo cool and i love it sooo much.. im still pretty crap at foaming milk, but hoping ill get the hang of it!
i also started uni in holland again.. its still wierd being back but nice seeing everyone.. and because everyone in my course has also been abroad they get the feeling which is great and means im not actually going mental haha..!
ive been obsessing with getting a camera, either analog or lomography.. soo was talk to mom about it when she suddenly said she had a camera which she won in primary school when she was eleven.. and its amazinggg! its actually from the 1960's and it even says made in "western" germany on it.. its soo insane and so awesome.. its a ilford camera.. id never heard of it before but when i googled it i got tons of results! just need to find the right film for it.. if anyone has an idea what one would be best pleaaase let me know!!
i booked my flight for going back to the uk at the end of the month! im only going back for 10days but still im sooo excited! bringing a huge suitcase with hardly anything and coming back with just enough so it wont be overweight!
oee picking up some pics i made with my disposable camera tmrw! hopefully it turned out good.. if they are i will definitely post them next time! picking up another two rolls this weekend!
enjoy the pretty pics!

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