Saturday, September 5, 2009

london calling to the underground

i have a hangover.. surprise surprise haha.. totally worthit cause i had an awesome party night! went to a club in amsterdam and there were alot of stylish people which is always nice.. and surprisingly there were also alot of english people which was actually alot of fun! we also saw a couple of "famous" dutch rappers/singers/music guys haha.. but it was a good laugh anyways.. i forgot my camera though so couldnt take any pics.. i might be going to some hip hop festival now with some friends.. have no idea if its gonna be fun.. but any excuse to dance have fun and do crazy is fine by me haha.. this morning i said to myself i was going to take it easy tonight.. now im telling myself to screw that .. im probably partying hard tonight too haha.. and why not im young.. at least now i can still take it haha.. have good one you guys.. i know i will!

source: fashion gone rogue

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