Friday, March 27, 2009


the masquerade party was sooooo much fun! i really had a blast. i met all these people i had never seen before, and the fun thing was they were from all different parts of the world so that was really cool! and ii didnt even loose my mask which i thought was pretty good of myself haha! everyone dressed up in theme so that was awesome!! now i am feeling how fun yesterday was in my head haha.. but ill be oke, im a though chick! i gotta get ready though cause tonight is a new night and im ready to enjoy it! going to eat sushi with two of my friends and after that go have some drinks in the city soo i think it will a pretty succesful night tonight too!!! o and by the way how cute are these pics! i just had to post them lovin those leathers in the first two pics! well, you guys have fun and enjoy your weekend!!! xxx

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