Thursday, July 23, 2009

wantin' nd wishin'

i love this shot! the colors are amazing, martine always looks amazing, and i love the clothes!
the weather here is nothing and it just sooo depressing, its supposed to be summer but its grey and rainyy! well im still gonna have fun, rain is not stopping me. gonna party tonight all my friends are going out and i think its gonna be total chaos which is pretty awesome hahaha!
im gonna be going to the england in like september, which isnt too long away and im sooooo excited! i will be rading topshop every weekend haha.. and ordering everything from asos like a crazy person!
im gonna watch the new episode of paris new bff, im even sure why i watch it, i think it makes me more stupid, but i just cant help myself its sooo hilarious!

source: lookbook

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