Sunday, December 27, 2009

the cold makes people loopy

im still aliveee!!! sorry its taken me a decade to post something! been sooooo busy with everything! back in holland again for the holidays but not for long caaaaauseee....... IM OFF TO EGYPT TOMORROW! yes yes yes! cant wait! finally im gonna get out of this freezing weather and into some nice sunshine! gonna hang out there for a while and then im off to england again for my last round of partying, hanging out with my amazing new english friends and well finish my coursework what i actually came to england for in the first gonna be sooo sad leaving, ive really come to love the place! but especially the people are just so kind and friendly!
got pretty spoiled with christmas too! i must say one of the best gifts i got was this really oldskool polaroid camera which i cant wait to use! (oe and i got new vans which always kicks ass to get!) although im not a big fan of the freezing cold i do always love pics of the snow and people in it so heres a little selection i made! enjoooyy! and wishing you all a happy new year and will be blogging to you in 2010 again!!

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