Saturday, April 18, 2009

baggage load of happiness!

soooooo.... i heard im going to THE UK!!!!!!!!! jeeeeeeej! im sooooo freakin happy!!!! im going to LIVERPOOL! im sooo excited!! i just cant wait!
the party last night was fun, not that special though, it was a little chilly though!
we had a game today and we played 1-1 which is like really good for us, wished we had won though. tonight is a new night, and ofcourse im gonna go out and party! i really wanna make party pics, and i hope i get a new camera for my bday cause the one i have now is broken, sooo hopefully i get it, and i can make cool party pics and share them with you all!
i found these pics through a friend, he gave me this tip, he's actually a photographer himself i always enjoy looking at his pics go check him out! taylor herron

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