Saturday, April 11, 2009

still here

sooo ive been partying and partying pretty much every night now, and i think tonight will be no exeption. ive also been working, so not much time for blogging. my gorgeous friend lize who is living in paris for a year is back here for two weeks, so gonna spend a lot of time with her before she has to go back again. o and when i went to amsterdam i got so much cool stuff. i got on of those shredded pants, a white one its soo cool! en a demin black/grey skirt one of those high wasted ones with a zipper through the front of it, and a white sleeveless shirt with the bottom of it cut, and some other stuff which i am to hung over for to try to explain in english haha! well i gotta get to my wonderful job now....
ooo and this pic is my gorgeous friend lize, so in love with this photo!!

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